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Better That We Break - Maroon 5 [ photo
Ienai Kara - Yoko Ishida [ photo ]

Reposting and adding some variations of an old dictionary/definition project I started back in 2011.

have you seen my childhood? | photo

I would know my shadow and my light | photo


Found this gorgeous picture and decided to play with some type, since I’ve been feeling really stagnant again with my designing. The link leads to a portion of “A Child of Our Time” by Michael Tippett. It’s split into like 8 parts, so I gave you guys the link to my favorite part.

Commission of tumblr user alpacagalactica and her cats for brossuno!


blue said palette numbers 7 or 18 and i went with 7!! i had this idea in my head throughout work so i was glad it came out how i wanted UuU))


i had fun with this one too quq)d 


i’ve never played the games before but i have some friends who like him!! this was really fun actually LOL i thought it was gonna be hard quq)d

Anonymous said:
Hey there! What's your 'vent designs' all about? Is that venting as in letting out complains or something else? Super curious about that.

hi anon!

i guess you can call it that? i usually tag ‘vent designs’ when i make something out of anger or frustration (obviously). most of the time the subject matter i’m working on doesn’t reflect how i’m feeling it’s usually pretty random. when i know i’m in a bad mood, i go off and browse some picture galleries, not necessarily looking for an image that fits my current mood but rather something that looks interesting and takes me away from my bad mood for a few minutes.

i like tagging my vents because i like going back to see how different and similar my stuff comes out based on if i’m upset or not. i notice i’m more focused and clear minded when i’m doing vent designs, probably because i’m forcing myself to think nothing else but of the design and experimenting before letting it go. looking back on my tag, they’re rather morbid aren’t they? i guess there’s some underlying tone there. haha!!

Anonymous said:
i really like your vent designs but i don't know if i should reblog them or not T~T

aww darling anon LOL it’s okay!! i don’t mind when people reblog my vents. it’s not like a read more post or anything HAHA;;; i usually feel better the day after they get posted anyway so feel free UuU!

thanks for asking though ouo)d

[ photo credit ]

[ photo credit ]

On June 3, 1965 Edward H. White II became the first American to step outside his spacecraft and let go, effectively setting himself adrift in the zero gravity of space. For 23 minutes White floated and maneuvered himself around the Gemini spacecraft while logging 6500 miles during his orbital stroll.  | [ photo credit ]



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"…you caught us at a bad time."

long overdue picture of me and woof and our husbandos

there’s a clear distinction of who’s superior but i think that goes unsaid…

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